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    Central California is one of the fastest-growing regions of the state, with cities such as Bakersfield adding residents at nearly twice the state-wide growth rate.

The attraction to Central California is affordable housing and people are heading for the San Joaquin Valley where the median home price is $438,500 – about half the statewide figure.   Some are retirees who have opted for spacious new homes on a golf course.  Others are commuters who are willing to make the drive south to Los Angeles or west to the Bay Area in exchange for more square footage and a proper backyard for the barbecue grill.  Still others relocate to escape the congestion and hassle of big-city living.



Favorable cost-of-living conditions in the area allows the area’s residents to have more money in their pockets because they’re not spending it all on housing and are able to have more disposable income.  Experts credit cheap land, low wages and favorable business conditions to the attraction of defectors from elsewhere in the state.

Target, IKEA, Gap, Inc. and others have built distribution facilities in the San Joaquin Valley .


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Central California Is Outpacing The State In Job Growth


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